Book Review: The Fear of Knowing by Tisha Starr

Cover PhotoThe word TRUTH according to Merriam-Webster dictionary means sincerity in action, character and utterance, the state of being the case. We would all like
to be told the truth regarding everything that life has to offer but as we all know, some people just can’t handle the truth so you give them YOUR version of the truth, for good, bad or indifferent to help them continue into a state of
happiness. Only problem with your version and the REAL truth is once it is revealed you have to deal with any and all consequences regarding your decision
to help.

Tasha Davis is a beautiful girl with a very big secret. Only
problem is, she doesn’t fully understand what her secret is. Her parents love her and they give her their version of the truth regarding her secret but she doesn’t fully understand what problems that will cause until later in life. Tasha is best friends forever with Jamia since first grade, once they became friends they are practically joined at the hip. These two were so close that when they spoke they often spoke in unison. Tasha didn’t fully understand what was going on with her and in her life but with a friend like Jamia it didn’t matter as much because whatever it was they were going to go through it together. Once Tasha fully understood what was going on with her, was Jamia going to remain her BFF or would she leave her like she had been warned if her
secret was ever revealed?

The Fear of Knowing is an excellent read. It provides you with different scenarios regarding family and friendship and dealing life changing truths. It is a book for the masses because it is not talking to just one person, this could be any of us on any day. The subject matter is unfortunately today’s reality and it needs to be addressed and this book helps with ways to go about discussing this issue. This book is a definite conversation starter. I commend Tisha Starr for writing this book and I hope and pray that everyone will read it with an open heart and open mind.

Great job Tisha, keep up the great work!

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Book Review: Revolving Doors by Perri Forrest

Perri ForestThe main character’s, Gabriella Sandoval, heart was the revolving door in this story. After suffering her first loss of love, she cared not to open her heart to anyone else. Therefore, the men who dared to enter through her door would all meet it again on their way out.

Gabriella was a businesswoman, on top of her game. She headed up several businesses, born to successful parents and kept a few close friends, Talia being the most important. When her BFF Talia opens up to her about a new job she took that was risqué, Gabriella’s interest peeked. She dove in head first into the business, alongside Talia, loving every minute of the excitement. Gabriella never allowed her heart to heal and the walls she built not even Mike Tyson could break. Although I loved that the author gave Gabriella agency, control over her sexuality and body, she fell on the side of bitch at times. For example, when Robert, her unwanted boyfriend, emailed a lengthy show of emotions to her and asked if she would let him know when she made it to Brazil safely, Gabriella simply responded, “Made it.” I was taken aback by her brief tagline response. However, it was indeed a love story. While Gabriella never intentionally placed a back- in-business sign across her heart, as fate would have it, someone unsuspected walked in to claim the prize without her permission.

I think the author, Perri Forrest, did a wonderful job connecting her plot. It was easy to follow and the reader isn’t bombarded with a slew of characters you can’t keep up with. Her story flowed well with her unique writing voice. However, I doubted some of the dialogue between the characters now and then and found myself asking, “Do people really talk like that to one another.” It would have been nice to make more of the personal conversations freer and less rigid. Nevertheless, I liked the story so much I simply added my own voice and attitude to some of the dialogue and made it work for me.

If you’re looking for a story with strong female characters that are about their business and choses their own destiny then Revolving Doors is for you. The author made sure to let people know women can do anything they set their minds too and choosing whom they loved was no different. Perri Forrest didn’t resort to drug dealers gripping that gwap to make a living. Nevertheless, reader beware, these girls did earn a dirty dollar here and there, WINK, WINK.

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Book Review: It is what it is: A Hood Love Story by Ivory B.

A Hood Love StoryIvory B. hit the ground running seamlessly bridging a relationship between character and readers in series of dramatic events. I got to know Lucky, Carlos, Keema, Jah, Ty and Nice at the very beginning and none of them fell flat towards the end. Although the love foundations were built in the hood & sprung up with drug money, the black women were educated and could carry their own with or without their boo’s. What rubbed me the wrong way was although the women were educated they cried throughout the book (especially Lucky), I began to see them as weak and I didn’t want to view them that way. In fact, Lucky cried so much I thought the author might set her up with a shrink in one of the scenes. I found myself saying shut-up lil girl, grow up, and put your big girl panties on you’re screwing with one of the biggest dope boys in Philly. But the then the author cunningly made me forget about the crying with another drama-filled escapade, so vividly written I felt like one of my girls were rattling off about their life. It was funny, especially Aunt V., entertaining, and sort of a thrill ride.

This book is worth reading if you are into dope-boys, paid girlfriends, baby-mama drama, etc. etc. It surely won’t bore you. However, I’m not too happy with the way it ended. Either book two is coming or the ending will leave you requesting the sequel.


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Book Review: The Cursed City by Xunaira J.

The Cursed CityThe Cursed City was my first read in YA Fantasy and I enjoyed it. Ali, an extremely young boy, charged with the task of saving his city, sets out on a scary adventure. I thought he was quite young for a job so great but the way the author weaved the story together, I saw magic and fantasy working together.

The novella is rather short. Thus, Xunaira J. has ample room to develop the characters more in a longer novel. I’d really like to hear more from Ali’s grandfather who knew exactly what needed to be done to save the town. He could bring an interesting perspective to the plot through visons and dreams and the like.

If you are looking for something that has a young hero, some mythology and magic, you will find those sprinkled throughout the book. I hope to see this book developed into a larger work of art.

Keep up the good work!

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Book Review: The Leak by K’wan

K'wan The Leak

I’m a skeptic by nature. Tell me it’s hotter than fish grease outside, I’m thinking “yeah right it’s luke warm.” I’m not really into ever changing fads either. So when I heard how magnificent K’wan’s writing style was, I had to read it for myself to believe it. Let me say this, “The Leak” should have been named the snippet because I felt like I was invited to an action packed movie, allowed to watch the preview and then kicked out of the theatre right before the show began.

His characters are memorable. Tech and Animal had me wondering how fast the rise in ranks would be for them and how hard they would fall to their own demise. The dialogue was beliveable and on point. The plot developed smoothly, yet intense and I would be interested in reading the book that followed. In fact, I would be interested in reading all of K’wan’s books.

If you are a looking for all access entry into some gritty, urban streets, I’m more than sure K’wan can take you there and deliver.


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Raqi Thunda vs Nail Tech IG Beef

Raqi thunda Viewers of Love and Hip Hop New York accused Raqi Thunda for being a mouthy, hot head. Multiple beefs with Tahiry Jose caused the outpour of Raqi’s criticism.

According to Raqi, yesterday a disgruntled nail tech attacked her IG video where “I’m sharing positivity,” she said. And instead of blasting back she fed the news to her fans who went dead in on the nail-tech.

Here’s what appears to have happened: In response to the attack, Raqi posted this screenshot on her IG page . . .

Raq Blast Tech 1

Ra Blast Tech 2

Nail Tech didn’t take it lightly with a swift come back . . .

No Walk-Ins

Don't Care about your show

Apparently Raqi’s fans numerous and consistent comments outweighed the techs, prompting her cousin to jump in and take it to the streets.

Cousin Jumps In

CAN’T we all just get along? LOL

Though both parties have since deleted their posts, bloggers on the prowl were able to give you the scoop.

Recently Raqi annouced via Twitter, “I will not be on #LHHNY 4 However I am currently filming another show. Way less drama if you’re into that kind of chill out stuff. : )”

Good luck with you career Raqi and hopefully next time you just make an appointment – LOL.

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Book Review: His Betrayal Her Lies by Angel Dé Amore

His Betrayal Her LiesI want to open up by saying I do not like cliffhangers. I’m an impatient person who demands to know everything, AT ONCE. But WHOAH, I am impressed by this author’s story telling abilities. I didn’t think I would like romance because I’m a more realistic, give-it-to-me-straight type of person but the story sucked me in, kept me close and never let loose on its reign. Marriage, infidelity, scandal, politics and sex, you name it, it had it. The main characters, Taylor, Ari, Maci and Kaylon kept me asking myself why didn’t you tell him? Why didn’t you run? Get him girl, nah that’s what you get. Yep, in other words I was talking to myself – LOL. The secondary characters Toni, Pam, Tyler, etc… didn’t grab my attention as much because they seemed to blend in with one another but it Taylor, Ari, and Kaylon’s love triangle kept me licking my fingers to flip the page and see what the heck they would get themselves into next. And Maci, I thought she was one loony chic. Maci was so deranged, she irritated me and I wanted to sprint to a gun range and practice my shot for a person like her.

The story had depth. Flow was steady, consistent and the plot revealed itself in a timely fashion. Although I read a few parts that were unbelievable, like speeding down an avenue on four slashed tires and Taylor making it to her destination safely. Honestly, as I read that part I could smell burning tire rubber in my nostrils and figured the author would tell us how Taylor’s car broke down a block from her starting point. But when her car didn’t break down and she made it to her dad’s office that was the beauty of it. It was entertaining.

For this to be the author’s first book, I must admit her talent is raw and natural. I am definitely going to read the sequel and support her work. If you haven’t one-clicked His Betrayal Her Lies, what are you waiting for?


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